Casing XRV

The Casing XRV™ utilizes the same technology as the Drilling XRV™ by reducing the friction between the wellbore and casing or other completions being run in the horizontal leg. The Casing XRV™ will assist in getting the completion to TD with less fatigue. In addition, it can be configured to run with a wide range of pump rates and pressures. The absence of elastomers in the XRV™ technology eliminates chances of failure. The Casing XRV™ will allow producers to successfully run their completions to targeted depths, thus maximizing production.

The Casing XRV is available with a drillable insert. Typically run on intermediate casing strings, the insert would be drilled out with other float equipment.

Specifications: Select a Size


Tool Size (OD) 5.00"
Total Length 2.18"
Weight (lbs) 101
Available Flow Range (gpm) 100-500
Temp Range Unlimited
Operating Frequency (Hz) 10-14 hz
Pressure Drop (psi) 300-600