Drilling XRV

The Drilling XRV is an extended reach downhole vibratory tool which creates an oscillating axial force in the workstring. This oscillating force helps combat friction between the drillpipe and the wellbore which aids in moving the pipe in hole, reduces slip-stick, transfers weight to the BHA and improves tool face control during sliding. Improved sliding and tool face control during steering operations eliminates or decreases extra slide attempts saving time and improving overall ROP.

The absence of elastomers in the XRV technology eliminates chances of failure caused by high temperatures, harsh fluids or circulating loss due to plugging of the bit or other BHA components. This rugged design makes it ideal for prolonged operations in demanding environments.

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Tool Size (OD) 4-7/8"
Total Length 8.5'
Weight (lbs) 354
Available Flow Range (gpm) 180-550
Temp Range Unlimited
Operating Frequency (Hz) 10-14
Pressure Drop (psi) 400-600
Overpull Limit 616,387